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God is Spirit,

   and those who worship Him

        MUST worship in spirit and truth.

John 4:24

Still In Control

by Brandon Jolly

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Dubbed the son of Worship, Brandon Jolly was born April 11, 1992 in Orlando, FL. Jolly was exposed to ministry at age 8 after being invited to church by a neighbor where he quickly developed an affinity to music and began to play skillfully by ear. By age twelve Jolly was writing his own music and being anointed through his experiences. He realized early on that he hated being out front and felt more comfortable in support of others. This comfort led him to choirs and background singing. It was during that period that Brandon received a prophetic mandate that he would be God’s maestro thus beginning a fear driven detour.


With the weight of the commission heavy on Brandon’s heart he felt inadequate and not worthy. Brandon struggled to find his way but after being released from a stagnant place where he could not hear the music as he had before, he yielded to the call of God and the music again began to flow, this time through a deeper conduction. God assigned Brandon to the responsible leadership of Servant Pastor Sweetie in 2015, which launched him into understanding the levels of worship and strategically put him in place to experience the threshing floor. Brandon quickly learned that he was placed on this earth to worship and to teach worship. Not just any worship, but a worship that transcends earthly understanding, a worship that takes others out of their own way, but most of all a worship that puts believers in God’s presence in spirit and truth.


Brandon Jolly’s motivation is to please the heart of God. After being endowed by the call Brandon was rewarded with “The Worship Experience.” A gift to God’s people, this movement mimics the words of Ralph Emerson by opening the mind of the worshipper to not go where the path leads but to go where there is none and create your own .

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